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My BitIRA Platform: Take Your Digital IRA to the Next Level

Along with your new self-directed IRA, you’ll receive access to the My BitIRA platform. This comprehensive set of tools gives you more power, more control and more options to manage your digital IRA investments.

    • Live trading: Trade assets 22 hours a day, 7 days a week in real time.
    • Triggered trades: Set up custom rules to create buy and sell orders automatically at price levels you specify.
    • Easy reporting: View balances, transactions, historical performance and everything you want to know, available at a glance.

The platform is connected to our exchange partner, the world-class broker for cryptocurrency trading.

Take a look at what your dashboard will look like:

The My BitIRA Cryptocurrency IRA Platform

    1. Investment options shows you all supported cryptocurrencies and real-time prices.
    2. Trigger orders allows you to set custom rules to automatically create buy or sell orders at the price thresholds you specify.
    3. Portfolio overview gives you a snapshot of your total cash balance, digital IRA value and gains.
    4. Recent transactions summarizes your latest trades and their status.
    5. Deposit lets you add funds to your digital IRA any time, day or night.

The new My BitIRA platform gives you more power, more control and more options than ever before! Most of all, it makes managing your digital IRA simple, intuitive and easier than ever before.

If you’ve been on the fence about opening your Digital IRA, especially if you’ve been worried that it’s too complicated or time-consuming, this is great news. It’s simply never been easier to diversify your retirement savings with cryptocurrencies.

In fact, this creates a potential problem: It’s so easy to get started, we’re concerned the “first-mover advantage” for investors and savers is fading fast…

“Paper money is going away.”
“Bitcoin is solid compared to fiat money.”

—Elon Musk

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